Defeated by my weight?

“I’ve failed you all”


My wife, Jenny, couldn’t stop crying.


Slumped against the bedroom mirror in defeat, her arms wrapped around her bloated body as if trying to physically pull the rolls of fat away from her bones.


She had been trying to put on a brave face for as long as I can remember.


Constantly repeating mantras like, “Big is beautiful” and “love the skin you’re in”.


But deep down, I knew a small part of the old Jenny – the Jenny I fell in love with – died every time she glanced at her reflection.


What was it that had finally broken Jenny’s spirit?


Well, she had tried everything to lose weight.


If she had been lazy, neglectful, or greedy…I know she would have said, “I deserved this”.


But time and again, she had done everything right: The diet, the exercise…even mindful eating.


Nothing worked. The pounds kept piling on…weighing her down and breaking her spirit.


And one glance in the mirror had been the final straw.


I reached down and tried to fit a consoling arm around her as I struggled to find the right words.


“It’s OK, honey, I love you just the way you…”


“NO!”, she jumped to her feet with such force I was knocked backwards.


And what happened next was the most shocking thing I have seen in our whole marriage.


Jenny found the determination to lose over 70lbs.


She didn’t do it through willpower alone, but with the guidance of this revolutionary new technique from one of the world’s leading addiction specialists.


The beauty of this method is that it only takes five seconds every morning.


And speaking of beauty, I’m overjoyed to have the fun, slim, energic woman I married back in my life.


I thought she was lost forever…until the day she found the courage to follow in the footsteps of many A-list celebrities and listen this expert’s advice.


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